Welcome you’re in the Schron!

The SCHRON Defence was founded in 2012.  The founder is a former soldier of Special Forces.

Our logo in the shape of an umbrella is no accident. SCHRON Defence (DM) refers to the Polish Storm Groups called “Grey Ranks” – heroes of World War II. The “Umbrella” Battalion in terms of service (combat operations) has been dedicated to the accomplishment of extraordinary tasks.

In our mission we are focused on providing the best quality products so that each of our clients has confidence and safety to perform every task, even in the most difficult and roughest conditions.

After many years of use of our equipment on the battlefield, in extreme conditions, SCHRON Defence offers proven and high quality products, where the action often has been confirmed not only during tests, but by practical use.

Our motto and basis of action is “Honor and Responsibility“. Once we have the principles and ideals that link us to others, give life meaning and dignity, then we become stronger and stronger, and more effectively execute tasks and achieve goals, there is an optimism and faith in us.

When purchasing our products we provide a detailed training in the optimal and safe use of the equipment and “know how” of its tactical usage. We state potential legal regulations and policies related to storage and maintenance, and offer a warranty.

Schron ensures services of highest quality and performance of orders at the highest level thanks to the implementation of Quality Management System in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 as well as the implementation of NATO policy standard regarding quality assurance – AQAP 2130:2009.

Additionally, the Minister of Internal Affairs granted us concession No. B-072/2012 for exercising an economic activity in the scope of trading products and technology used by Armed Forces and Police.

We look forward to doing business with companies connected with the defense industry. We have extensive experience, and our offer includes testing, issuing an opinion and advising on improving military equipment and ordnance. We collaborate with specialists and create expert groups of ex-combatants of all types of armed forces.

We invite you to cooperate.

– Schron Defence –